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Final preperations - by Howler 2009/08/11 @ 23:06

Well here we go ...
Well I have made what I think will be the final modifications, before this new FREESCOsoft goes live (planned for the weekend of Aug. 14th).

I still have a few small mods, and a couple others that are larger and more involved but not yet ready to be added, I will get as many of these done before I make the final upgrade to this setup, and then I will worry about the rest of them afterwards.

I have made my preliminary tests in the method used to mirror the site.  I had some issues at first, fixed a few things, then all of the rest passed with great results.  I have one more final test/config, that will determine if the final upgrade will happen as planned smile, or not confused.
If you do not see a "Postponed" news article above this one, then all went well wink

I want to take this time to specifically thank a few people in the FRESCO family.
I will start with Lightning ( the FREESCO Co-ordinator ), for all of his assistance in helping script files, dealing with the FREESCO packages themselves.  OH and even more, for dealing with all of my "crazyness", in the process.  My Many Thanks wink
I would also like to specifically thank Dingetje ( A Major Package Author ) for his assitance in working with me, regarding the packages that he has created and hosts on his site, Thanks much Small Thing wink

I Hope the new site looks & works better for everyone, as much as I  hope it works better for me.
Please feel free to contact ( me via email Webmaster,or via the FREESCOsoft forum section located on the FREESCO Support Forums ) if you have any comments or suggestions.

Kevin 'Howler' Perry


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