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Welcome to FREESCOsoft

   Welcome to the world of FREESCO. Now that you have your FREESCO box 'up and running' and installed onto the hard drive, you are probably asking yourself, "What now?" "What about all of the idle time?" "What about the unused hard drive space?"  Well, FREESCOsoft, possibly the most comprehensive FREESCO package repository available on the web, helps to meet the demand for add-on packages for the FREESCO operating system.

   While FREESCO is based on the Linux operating system and incorporates many of the features of other Linux distributions, into a software package that fits onto a single 1.44 meg floppy diskette.  It is the extreme flexibility and versatility of FREESCO, that has spawned the demand for package add-ons since version 0.2.7.

   If you are looking to enhance your FREESCO experience by expanding the functionality of your FREESCO box? You have come to the right place.

   Well, FREESCO has released its newest series, the 0.4.x series.  As far as the packages are concerned for this series, it got a bit easier, and a lot easier.  The most noticeable when dealing with the packages themselves, is that the 0.4.x series uses a single package file, which is a large improvement over the older 0.3.x series and one that is much liked by FREESCOsoft.  The process, inside of FREESCO, for finding/installing a package has also improved a great deal over the previous 0.3.x series.  I will not go into the process here, but it is a lot easier and is a great improvement.

The 3 last news

Forms removed - by Howler 2010/01/28 @ 23:41


Well I had to remove all the forms from the site (temporarily), as they were being SPAMMED big time.
Not that any one else would get any emails, but I was receiving many per day due to BOTS accessing them.  I guess FREESCOsoft is known a bit :-/ I had tried to add some more security to them, with no luck.

I am working on getting a complete fix for this issue and will re-enable the forms as soon as I am able to.


... / ...

Final preperations - by Howler 2009/08/11 @ 23:06

Well here we go ...
Well I have made what I think will be the final modifications, before this new FREESCOsoft goes live (planned for the weekend of Aug. 14th).

I still have a few small mods, and a couple others that are larger and more involved but not yet ready to be added, I will get as many of these done before I make the final upgrade to this setup, and then I will worry about the rest of them afterwards.

I have made my preliminary tests in the method used to mirror the site.  I had some issues at first, fixed a few things, then all of the rest passed with great results.  I have one more final test/config, that will determine if the final upgrade will happen as planned smile, or not confused.
If you do not see a "Postponed" news article above this one, then all went well wink

I want to take this time to specifically thank a few people in the FRESCO family.
I will start with Lightning ( the FREESCO Co-ordinator ), for all of his assistance in helping script files, dealing with the FREESCO packages themselves.  OH and even more, for dealing with all of my "crazyness", in the process.  My Many Thanks wink
I would also like to specifically thank Dingetje ( A Major Package Author ) for his assitance in working with me, regarding the packages that he has created and hosts on his site, Thanks much Small Thing wink

I Hope the new site looks & works better for everyone, as much as I  hope it works better for me.
Please feel free to contact ( me via email Webmaster,or via the FREESCOsoft forum section located on the FREESCO Support Forums ) if you have any comments or suggestions.

Kevin 'Howler' Perry

... / ...

Facelift Update - July 2009 - by Howler 2009/07/29 @ 21:21

   Just an update on some of the improvements and additions to the FREESCOsoft site.

   To start with, I have included a section located at the top of the left side menu section.  Thjis section will display current mirror location information.  To help people determine which FREESCOsoft mirror site they are viewing.

   I along with, or more like, Lightning and I, have made some modifications to the packages to allow more inclusion of information, on the FREESCOsoft pages (and other package sites also). 
   See the "Fs Downloads" page for more information about the files used to help automate the FREESCOsoft site. Which by the way, should be used by package authors if they want their packages added to the FREESCOsoft sites.

   I have added something that I thought I would never add to the FREESCOsoft site ...  A banner rotation setup.  The only thing is that it will only contain banners (and links) to "FREESCO SPECIFIC" sites.  So it is not just a normal banner add-on thing.  It may contain banners for package authors sites, for appliances/applications/machines/etc. that use FREESCO , or possibly any other banner that I (stating " me / I " loosely) would determine to be appropriate to be shown. (Being the Admin of the FREESCO Support Forums, I may try and include something there also, some time, for banners that are appropriate, like the ones that would be here)

   Another inclusion that I am working on, have it set pretty good right now but needs tweaking, is a "mobile" version fo FREESCOsoft.  Using your mobile browser, navigate to the very top level of this site (i.e. http:// ) and you will be redirected to the 'mobile' version automatically, or should at least. Any problems with the mobile redirection, please let me know and I will look into it for you.
   My hopes are that the mobile version might be usefull, for those instances where you are someplace workning on a remote FREESCO setup (remote to you normally) and you need to find a specific package that needs to be installed in order to accomplish what is needed.  This is not a problem if you have a working LAN and internet connection to a PC at that location.  Well when you do not and you have a web enabled mobile unit (cellphone, PDA, GameUnits, etc.) that can access the internet, you will still be able to access the FREESCOsoft site and view it in a mobile format.  I have to appologize to some, that it may not display correctly in every mobile unit that is available.  I will try and keep it as universal as possible.

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