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--- 0.4.x Packages / Files containing the string [ pxe-2.1-lightning.pkg ] ---

Ver: 2.1
1.80 MB
Apr 03 2014
OS: 0.4.x
Install Path / Download Link :
Dutch: Geen vertaling nog

English: PXE is a boot protocol built into some network cards and it
allows a remote system to retrieve files and/or an entire OS.
This package comes pre-configured with a FREESCO v0.4.0
boot OS installed. But this server can be configured to install
other OS's.

French: Aucune traduction encore

German: Keine übersetzung schon

Italian: Nessuna traduzione ancora

Polish: Zadne tlumaczenie jeszcze

Portuges: Nenhuma tradução ainda

Spanish: Ninguna traducción todavía

Swedish: Ingen översättning ännu
This depends on these others being installed first
inetd_1.13_nachoman77.pkg rinetd_0.61_dingetje.pkg


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