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File and package add-ons are distributed in the hopes that they will be useful, WITHOUT WARRANTY, implied or otherwise --- however, every effort has been made towards compliance by the author.

As a rule of thumb, add-on files and packages are not portable to other operating systems, while in their FREESCO format. i.e. you can not take a FREESCO package (program) and use it on a full Linux distribution, just because it is a Linux application.

PACKAGES (Released) are files that are created from ported applications, or applications that are made from scratch. This is the best option when looking for an application for FREESCO.

BETA PACKAGES are PACKAGES but considered to be in a pre-release phase of its life cycle development (ie. not fully tested). These packages may very well contain a bug, or two or three, or you get the idea.

NON-PACKAGES require (or have) no installation, as they are simply a compressed tarball of that application's files (usually with the package hierarchy and attributes preserved). These files are to be manually installed and may require some editing to make them work, the extent of editing will differ from one file to the other..

KERNELS If for some reason you need to use a specific kernel in order to access specific hardware, this is where you would look.

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