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Package / Files Listings

Below is an example of a package and file listing that will be generated by this site.


Package Name Version
Released PackageBeta PackageNon PackageKernel (type) Size Date OS:
Author author's site:  

install path:

Descriptions area


In the above examples you will notice specific sections, these sections are explained in more detail below.

Package Name = the complete name of the package being listed.  A complete package or file name, if using the official naming requirements, it will include the name of the application, the version of the package or file, and the authors name. An example of the forms would be like this �
name_version_author ( ???<underscore>???<underscore>??? )
name-version-author ( ???<hyphen>???<hyphen>??? )

Both examples conform to the official naming requirements and the choice is only determined by the authors personal preference.

Version = This could be the software version or the version of this specific FREESCO package or file.  It all depends on the package or file, and the authors preference for that type of file. Rule of thumb is that with "Released Packages" and "Beta Packages" the version number is that of the source code software, that the specific package was created from..  With "Non Package" , "Linux" and "Windows" files this may vary widely, as some of these files are "made from scratch" and do not have a 'source code' so to speak, that was used, so have their own version number that may differ from the normal or "seems like it is way too low".

File Type = This depicts the type of file : Released Package, Beta Package, Non Package, Linux, Windows, etc.

Size = This is the size of the actual downloadable package file, as it is hosted on this FREESCOsoft site.  This is not the "install size", the size of the package after it is installed onto the FREESCO pc.

Date = This is the date that a 'Released Package' or 'Beta Package', was created, determined by the internal information provided by the package file itself.  Other file (Non Package, Windows and Linux file) dates, are determined by other means but are as accurate as can possibly be. FREESCOsoft does not guarantee the complete accuracy of the dates displayed for these types of files, but we try and make sure they are as accurate as possible.

OS = This is the series or version of FREESCO that the specific package or file was created for.  FREESCO add-on packages or files, are series specific, as the package install process, package hierarchy and required installation files has changed from version 027 to the 03x series and possibly to the future series of FREESCO.  So please pay attention to this section of the listing.

Author = This is the name of the author of this package or file.  This is pretty much self explanatory, it is the one who created the FREESCO package or file.

Authors Site = This is the author's WWW site, that shows information about the author and/or the author's personal pages for their packages and/or files.  This is not an install link to the package that is specified, but it is to the authors web site pages that you would read.

Description = Well � this contains the description of the package or file.  If at all possible it will contain any language converted descriptions also.

AND ONE OF the following, depending on how you use it and in what listing you happen to be.

Command = This is the full "copy / paste" FREESCO command, that is used inside of FREESCO (i.e. 'copy / paste ') to install the specified package.  This information is intended to be used inside of FREESCO (i.e. 'copy / paste '), NOT from a web browser, possibly even on another PC, as a download link.

URL Link =  This is a 'copy / paste' link to part of the FREESCO command, that is used to install the specified package.  This link information is intended to be used inside of FREESCO (i.e. 'copy / paste '), NOT from a web browser, possibly even on another PC, as a download link.

Download Link = This is a USABLE link to download the specified file.  The file types with this kind of a link, are files that are required to be downloaded to another PC ( or FREESCO itself ), before being manually included or added to the FREESCO installation PC.

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