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Package Installation Instructions

Well if you are here, then I presume that you are wondering how this site can help to install the package that you have just found.  Depending on the FREESCO series that you are using, the process will differ.

Below you will find the install instructions for each of the FREESCO series, that allows for packages to be installed using a built in FREESCO command.  At the different points in the installation processes, where this site can be of use, I will make a notation about it.  This way you will have a complete list of instructions from start to finish, including information from this site and the regular FREESCO package installation commands.


The first version of FREESCO, that included capabilities for extra packages. This FREESCO version is considered obsolete and should not be used for 'external' applications.  I still keep an archive copy of the packages for this version, for those that use it in places.


In FREESCO version 0.2.7, the package install was not built into the setup yet, being it was the first version to allow for them in the first place.

To start with, at the command prompt, you can type installpkg and then hit enter to see the general information for the command

[Linux] installpkg
Usage: installpkg Filename
or installpkg FullURL/filename

A filename by itself will install a package from the official freesco
site. A full URL including a filename will install a package from a
3rd party site. Use listpkg to list available packages.


So with that information the command would be used like this …

Via SSH you would type the command installpkg then a space then "paste" the "Install Path" that is located in the listing for that package.  REMEMBER to remove the .sh from the end of the install path.  In this example it would look like this after the typing and pasting …
Press enter to start the install
You will get something like this …

Now downloading the install script for mc_lightning…
Warning: installing software from a 3rd party package could damage your
router's configuration or make it insecure. You should only install a
package from an author/site you trust. (1K) [########################] 1K | 3974.47K/s
2015 bytes transferred in 0.00 sec (2210.73k/sec)
Do you want to view the install script before executing it [y/n]?

Type the letter n and then press the enter key, no need to review the file.
It will say "Continue installing [y/n]?"
Type the letter y and then press enter of course ;)
It will show the following … (1391K)
mc_lightning.tgz [########################] 1391K | 7176.43K/ss
1424510 bytes transferred in 0.19 sec (7162.32k/sec)

Keep a copy of and mc_lightning.tgz in the /www directory [y/n] ?

No need to keep a copy so type n then press enter

There that is done, it will go through its post-install stuff and end with a command prompt.
Package installation done.

Creation date :2009/04/14 @ 20:05Last update :2009/04/14 @ 20:05Print the article  Hyperlink


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