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Package Installation Instructions

Well if you are here, then I presume that you are wondering how this site can help to install the package that you have just found.  Depending on the FREESCO series that you are using, the process will differ.

Below you will find the install instructions for each of the FREESCO series, that allows for packages to be installed using a built in FREESCO command.  At the different points in the installation processes, where this site can be of use, I will make a notation about it.  This way you will have a complete list of instructions from start to finish, including information from this site and the regular FREESCO package installation commands.

0.4.0 to 0.4.?

This is the process used in the current released version of FREESCO


The best way to install a package to the hard drive of the FREESCO box.In an SSH connection or while at the box itself, at the command prompt type the following (and hit the enter key)
Instructions comming soon, as time permits (or if submitted for addition)

The best instructions i would have at this time, is to be at the FREESCO console and run setup and choose packages.

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