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Close Packages.txt (and .xml) Creation Script Downloads

This contains the files/scripts needed to create a 'FREESCO 0.4.x' compatable packages.txt, and optionally a packages.xml files.

The packages.txt file is used by FREESCO to list the packages the author created.  It is not required for for any official FREESCO process, like it is used in the 0.4.x series.

NOTE : This needs to be used, to make a correct packages.txt file, if you would like your packages listed on FREESCOsoft.  It will not make a difference in any 'process' other than the FREESCOsoft purpose.  With FREESCOsoft, it makes sure that all of the required information is already included and the automated method of package inclusion can be used.  If this is not used, I will not be able to include your 0.3.x packages on FREESCOsoft.

The packages.xml file can be used by and xml parser to display information on a website.  This is the method used by FREESCOsoft.

Current Version Number is 4.11

pkgs-03x-pkgxml.gz(4.80 Kb)Downloaded  DownloadHyperlink


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