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Mirroring Fs Site - Mirroring Process

   This page will be updated shortly for this new site configuration

   The following command goes on one line.  I also removed the username for security reasons, that will be given during our conversations.

/path/to/rsync --modify-window=1 -crztW --stats --delete 
 --password-file=/path/to/folder/.fs.rsyncpwd <username>
 /path/to/mirror >> /path/to/rsync-fs.log 2>&1

For current mirror sites, the following can be removed from the rsync command

Description of the command options
  1. /path/to/rsync
    This is the path to rsync (may possibly be replaced with just rsync in some cases)
  2. --modify-window=1
    This allows for FAT based, system time issue (like FREESCO and Windows servers)
  3. -cvrztW
    c) always checksum
    r) recurse into directories
    z) compression file data
    t) preserve times
    W) copy whole files, no incremental checks
  4. --stats
    give some file transfer stats (so some logging is done)
  5. --delete
    delete files that don't exist on the sending side (
  6. --password-file=/path/to/.fs.rsyncpwd
    get password from the .fs.rsyncpwd file (a security measure)
  7. <username>
    Username @ HOST::SOURCE
  8. /path/to/mirror
    path to local mirror folder (no ending backslash)
  9. >> /path/to/rsync-fs.log 2>&1
    This does the logging for rsync
The ' .fs.rsyncpwd ' file

   This file is to have the following permissions � rw-------
   It should contain one line, containing the password and one line-feed (ONLY)


   I suggest using CRON to do the scheduling. It is included in almost every Linux OS. The addition to the RSYNC command, given and explained above, would be as follows � Replace <hour> and <day> in the following portion of the CRON statement to be correct for you, then add it to the beginning of the RSYNC command. Remember there is a space between each option and between the CRON info and the RSYNC command.

0 <hour> * * <day> exec <RSYNC command here>

   Note : Some versions of CRON may do things a little different than others, please check your information to make sure the command is created correctly for your version of CRON

Creation date : 2009/04/11 @ 21:32
Last update : 2009/08/10 @ 20:13
Category : Mirroring Fs Site

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