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   FREESCOsoft contains an all-in-one listing of the packages that are available.  These pages contain a good overview of each of the packages including install links.  FREESCOsoft also keeps a package mirror and tries to keep it updated weekly or better.  Always check the FREESCO Forum and/or the pkglist on the authors site for updates.

   This mirror is offered in hopes that it can be of use to authors that are on a slower home connection, like I have confused , but do not have access to a faster internet host for their packages, like I have.  Also, of course, to all the FREESCO users who could benefit from a mirror of all of the packages. But, like it would be expected, I am limited in all respects.  Please use the mirror if it will decrease the download time, but please do not abuse it.  Thanks.

   I have nothing but great expectations for FREESCO in the future, while currently awaiting the new version to be released.  The FREESCO Team and all of the members on the Official FREESCO Forum are to thank for most of this site, without their combined knowledge (or typing of it) and their packages, this site would be empty.

Creation date : 2009/04/11 @ 20:10
Last update : 2009/07/28 @ 00:15
Category : FREESCOsoft

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