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Hello, I want to start by saying thank you, if nothing else for at least wanting to read this page.

This page is for FREESCOsoft, not the FREESCO Forum or the FREESCO OS or anything that is Official FREESCO, this is for FREESCOsoft, the FREESCO package archive/library, nothing else! Understand that first.

   I do not want to call it a donation or contribution or whatever.  I do not consider this a "payment" in any form.  FREESCOsoft is not a paid service, it is a free service to the FREESCO community.  Also, this is not a tax deductible donation, just for those that would want to know.  This is a gift to me that is all, until FREESCOsoft has its own identity.

   If you still feel you would like to assist FREESCOsoft financially, in any way, then please keep reading.

   An explanation of what I will do with these donations…

   Anything that would come from this page, will be used directly towards the FREESCOsoft account that contains the website and access for the FREESCOsoft services.  It will be used specifically to keep FREESCOsoft running uninterrupted.

   This does not mean special things for the donators (access/rights/etc.), and does not mean the site would stop if I do not get donations.  This just means that what I get from the FREESCOsoft donations, I give right back to FREESCOsoft.


Assist FREESCOsoft now, at


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(no monetary transfer with this option,
just clicking or searching and the time.)
Please open in new TAB or WINDOW

   I would also like to suggest that, as you think about what FREESCOsoft has done, think what FREESCO itself has done, and contribute to the project itself. See the FREESCO site's Donation Page.

Please do not use any stolen information, to assist FREESCOsoft ( or FREESCO ).  This hurts more than just that person wink , it can hurt us all.

Creation date : 2009/04/11 @ 20:08
Last update : 2012/02/27 @ 00:53
Category : FREESCOsoft

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