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Mirroring Fs Site - General Information

   The advantage of FREESCOsoft comes in two  forms.  One is the collection/hosting/distributing of as many of the packages for FREESCO as possible. The second is the mirroring that is being done with the Fs site and the packages and files located on it.

   The second advantage of this site, the mirroring, is what the following sets of pages are based around.  Without the mirroring that is being done, the advantage of FREESCOsoft would be "cut in half or more" just due to the fact that a much better machine and lots more bandwidth would be needed.  Since this site does not "make me any money", the cost is a big issue.  So without the mirror sites, this site would be more of a pain, that an asset to the FREESCO community.

   Since Fs has started doing the mirroring, the processes has changed as better methods were found.  We always try and keep it as simple and easy as possible for the people who 'graciously' host a mirror site.  Without those people that host a mirror site, the advantage also goes down, as without them, there would not be a mirror site there and one less place to get the files.  Makes sense.  With that in mind, each new mirror site that is added, only increases the advantage of the Fs site.  The more sites there are, the more copies of the packages and files, there are available in a "reasonably close location" to your own.

   I am always looking for a few good people or places out there with high speed (broadband or better) sites, that would be interested in hosting a mirror of the FREESCOsoft website including the archive of the packages and files for the current version of FREESCO, hosting for past versions is optional, but not as important.  More information about the mirroring requirements, process, and files needed, can be found via the links to the left.

Creation date : 2009/04/11 @ 10:18
Last update : 2009/07/28 @ 00:20
Category : Mirroring Fs Site

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